Design thinking is dangerous

Design thinking, is ubiquitous. Philosophy, is ubiquitous.

What I think, is unique. What you think, is unique.

We work in way-word directions. Childhood allows us the freedom to think, same childhood forces us to accept understanding of others. I can choose between one understanding or the other. But I end up choosing what others think. We grow up, settle into fields of choice, our choices or enforced choices.

All of us think what life is, some of us are lucky to ponder in groups and think and juxtapose our ideas. Some of us think in solo and are a bit more rigid. But we do think. We ponder about our lives, we think in the context of our respective environments. These environments depend on choice that we (or our closed ones) made earlier.

I may be a doctor and think experience is a basis for all theories, I may be an engineer and think logic is a basis for all theories, I may be an manager and think that success is a basis for all theories, I may be a potter and think one-day-life-will-be-good is a basis for all theories, I may be anything and think anything is a basis for all theories…

But, being a designer, what I think, and what many of my peers might think, is that their are no theories, their are only experiences. Our ancestors had experiences and adapted to them, we will have experiences and adapt to them, our children will do the same. The theories will adapt with us, what is wrong today might become right tomorrow. This holds for religious as well as scientific theories. Both are ideologies after all.

Our experiences shape our ideology. Our ideology shapes our reactions. Our reactions shape our experiences.

We all ask questions. Questions give us freedom, allows us to comprehend, allows us to establish the present based on past, our past. We all end up with answers that satisfy our context. “If its right for me, its right” or “If its right for them, it might be true, but i dont know much”. 

But what about things that are out of our context. I cant think what a beggar might be thinking, or a thief might be thinking, or what you might be thinking, then why should I allow myself to think what that my ideology is the correct ideology, it will save the world!!!

To understand “your” context, I need to live your life, I need to comprehend your situations, I need to experience your past (which I cant do), I need to do what you do and then understand your thinking. Since I can never actually achieve this, I can only try to be as close to it as possible.

Trying for this allows us the freedom, the freedom of choice that we had in childhood, the freedom of understandings that we had in childhood, the freedom to “think” and not to accept what our context gave us.

This freedom of contexts is what design thinking makes me aware of, and this freedom is a dangerous thing. This freedom is addictive, this freedom is ubiquitous, this freedom forces for answers and this freedom forces for questions.

Questions gets answered, but not all of them, in fact not most of them. And that is where the problem is.

There are innumerable questions to be answered, and the count never stops… a free mind is addicted for more…